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  • Works For All Chef Businesses

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So, what makes it so special?

Let's Face it -- building a private chef business is hard work! After all, cooking beautiful food is what you are best at... not finding all the high paying clients.

That's Where PrivateChefs.IO Comes In

We're an all in one platform with all the tools to communicate your message, offer and products to the market.

Digital Tools To Effectively Communicate Instantly With Your Perfect Client Is The Secret To Success...

A Business that waits days or even weeks before getting information to a prospect will never survive. The trick is to use automations and software to do all this for you whilst you run your business!

If You Like A Flood Of Sales, Happiness & Freedom...

Then Signing Up Today Will Be The Best Move To Make Chef!

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PrivateChefs.IO is your gateway to your ideal clients!

We have every tool under one roof we're the one stop platform for all your communication from social media, emails and text chat. We give you the simple solutions to stay in touch with established clients and keep selling to them.

All in one text to pay solutions make getting money a synch as well as never missing a call with the revolutionary missed call text back... Chances are very good -- you're here reading this because of similar tools I used to get you here.

They work!

Some of the things PrivateChefs.IO will do for your catering or private chef business ...

PrivateChefs.IO is every online website, sales funnel and communication tool rolled into one awesome powerful application in your pocket

All In One Convenient Place So You Can Sell While You're Working!

Facebook Messenger

Manage all your Facebook messages directly from your website and from within your agency dashboard

GMB Call Tracking

Get up to date Google My Business call tracking monitoring all call activity from Google My Business

Missed Call Text Back

Automatically text a lead back through the built in automation if a call from a potential prospect is missed

Custom Website

Get a beautiful, mobile responsive website at the click of a button, just add in your own text and images

2 Way Text & Email

Keep a real time chat record of texts and emails right there on your dashboard or app to stay in touch with clients

Google My Business Messaging

Get clients messaging you directly from your Google My Business online profile and skyrocket your opportunities

Customer Web Chat

Let prospects get to know more about your products, services and availability real time with a live web chat on your site

Client Testimonial Management

Get automated testimonials and reviews from all your clients the moment a job is finished and feed it to your website

CRM Management

Simply and easily communicate with new and past clients with upcoming offers and events in the dedicated CRM


Move all clients into an opportunity pipeline so at a glance you are always aware of what stage their booking is at

Email Marketing

Use the best templates and a dedicated email service provider to send out broadcast emails to your list with offers

Lead Generation Funnels

Get all the best templates and industry leading software to create brilliant lead generation funnels

Surveys & Selectors

Create surveys and selectors to ask your prospects all you need to know about their up coming event

Optin Forms

Use optin forms at the end of surveys and on funnel pages to make sure you are getting prospects details

Integrated Calendar

Get all bookings to integrate with your dedicated calendar so you are never double booked and you have free time

Email Marketing Campaigns

Use automated email campaigns to sell your new offers and other services on autopilot while you sleep or work

PrivateChefs.IO is...

A Beautiful Website

Get up and running with your professional mobile responsive website in minutes rather than months, this design is the exact same design I have used in my own business for years

  • Get email addresses and numbers of prospective clients

  • Simply exchange your latest menus for contact information

  • Showcase all your food offers available

  • Have all your five star reviews in one place

  • Answer all your clients questions in a simple FAQ sequence

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

PrivateChefs.IO is...

A Simple CRM To Manage All Your Clients In One Place

Easily manage all your prospects and clients in one handy CRM and know at a glance exactly who needs what menu, proposal or invoice. Stay in touch with clients who have used your service from the conversations tab in the dashboard.

  • Create an opportunity in your pipeline every time a requests a booking

  • Use one conversation app in the dashboard for all messages, texts and emails

  • Build a relationship and ongoing business by staying in touch with every client

  • Make ongoing offers to the best clients any time you have extra capacity

PrivateChefs.IO is...

Simple Lead Gen Funnels

Use coupon funnels, survey funnels and simple offer funnels to get clients taking notice of your services and offers and make more sales and more profits!

  • Ask the right questions with a survey funnel to find out exactly what your clients need

  • Get the right information beforehand as to what type of event and food your clients want

  • Wow your prospects with a simple healthy eating ready made meal offering or upsell funnel

  • Use a coupon funnel to get mid week business from high paying executive clients

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

PrivateChefs.IO is...

Is One Easy Dashboard For All Your Chats And Communications

With all the different ways of communication available these days we have simplified things and now you can connect email, messenger, text, chat and Google My Business chat into one simple easy to manage dashboard.

  • Send out invoices or text to pay messages from within the dashboard

  • Answer all your emails regarding any client in one location

  • Have everything centrally located, no more looking for different chats and threads in all different locations

PrivateChefs.IO is...

Is Simple Reputation Management Software

Manage all your Google & Facebook reviews from within your dashboards, reply and give clients thanks in realtime as the reviews are received. Use a simple review widget to showcase your five star reviews on your website.

  • Automate review and send testimonial requests with a simple automatic email workflow

  • Answer all reviews realtime in your reputation management dashboard

  • Get more sales with more 5 star reviews and make more profits

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

PrivateChefs.IO is...

Your Social Media Planning Tool

Connect your dashboard and CRM to all your social media pages and plan posts up to 3 months in advance. All from one simple dashboard.

  • Schedule video, carousel and image posts to both Facebook and instagram

  • Make posts and updated directly to your Google My Business page from within your social planner dashboard

  • Manage your corporate presence with a Linkedin connection and share your corporate offers

One Simple Plan With All The Tools, Everything You'll Ever Need For Your Private Chef Business In One Platform

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
  • Zero Computer Skills Needed

  • Works For All Chef Businesses

  • Market & Sell On Autopilot


$199 p/m

Start a 14 day free trial today...

  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversation

  • Google My Business Messaging

  • Customer Web Chat

  • Client Testimonial Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Custom Website

  • CRM Management

  • Opportunities

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Generation Funnels

  • Surveys & Selectors

  • Optin Forms

  • Integrated Booking Calendar

  • Email & Marketing Campaigns


If You Like A Flood Of Sales, Happiness & Freedom...

Then Signing Up Today Will Be The Best Move To Make Chef!

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

If You Sign Up Today & While This Offer Is Available...

We Have Some Cool Bonuses...

Bonus Number 1...

Free Access To The World’s Premiere Private Chef Knowledge Forum

While you are a subscribed member of Private Chefs you will always have access to our Private Chefs Skool.

What you can expect from this exclusive subscription:

  • Ongoing support about the latest things working for private chefs worldwide

  • A dedicated supportive community of like minded private chef practitioners

  • Access to a vibrant thread of brilliant chef creators from around the world

  • Inspiring ideas on how to develop your business to be better and more profitable

  • 24 hour access to everything from our android or IOS app

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

Bonus Number 2...

The Facebook For Private Chefs Course

This is the latest and simplest course dedicated to the most cost effective social media advertising for local private chef businesses (Available in the Private Chefs Skool)

In this training you will discover the simple way to:

  • The best engagement ad ever that gets you clients around the clock for pennies

  • How to use the most effective Facebook leads ads to build a list of clients desperate for your services

  • The simplest retargeting technique to build fomo fast and get people desperate for a ticket to your events

  • The FB group trick that keeps potential clients constantly seeing your offers and products

Bonus Number 3...

Free Access To Bi-Monthly AMAs

While you are a subscribed member of Private Chefs you will always have access to two ‘ask me anything’ sessions every month streamed live with Alan

What you can expect from this exclusive subscription extra:

  • Submit questions to be answered in advance about the latest marketing trends

  • A bearing on what is working in other Private Chefs’ businesses across the world as they share their stories and wins

  • 24/7 365 access to all the recordings of the calls so you never miss out on anything

  • 24 hour access to everything from our android or IOS app

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime
No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

Bonus Number 4...

Free Access to All Exclusive Trainings

Discover everything from running private cookery classes to building extra income doing appliance demonstrations as an influencer. Learn how to simply and easily take studio quality food pictures and ongoing marketing training (Available in the Private Chefs Skool)

In this training you will discover the simple way to:

  • Get your private chef offering in front of the highest paying, least hassle ideal prospect.

  • How to take epic food photography with nothing more than your device in your pocket. Learn about lighting, staging, props and simple editing.

  • Learn about the Dream 100 client process to always keep your pipeline full of the highest paying hassle free clients

  • Get ongoing training on building landing pages, websites and sales funnels to always keep growing your email list and business as well as all the latest techniques on turning your email list into cash when you need it!

Bonus Number 5...

24/7 Support from our specialized team at Private Chefs. Thrown in FREE as part of your subscription. Usually priced separately, but whilst we're able to we are throwing it in for life with current subscribers. So you will never be leaf scratching your head not knowing what to do next...

What you can expect:

  • 24/7 expert advice and support across the whole platform

  • Need help with a new funnel you're building, 24/7 support is available

  • Unsure of how to setup an email camping to go out in the morning, 24/7 fixes that!

  • A full suite of expert tools and support at your beck and call for the included free for the length of your subscription.

HURRY — We are not sure how long we will be able to include lifetime 24/7 support as part of this deal.

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

It’s Pretty Simple Really, Courses & Training Shortcut Process Of Building A Business

… But Community Is What Keeps You Going Through The Tough Times

Hands down, the best way to build a business is to follow in the footsteps of someone who has done it all already -- Successfully. Someone with the track record, the runs on the board. Or to quote my professor at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, someone who has spent time on the mat, done the rolls. I am that someone for you when it comes to everything you need to build a Private Chef enterprise. Across the board, I have more than likely done it. 

I am the one who can fast track everything for you. This is what I teach in the Private Chefs Pro community you get access to with your subscription. I will show you exactly how to use and build every tool I have used to build the business of my dreams.

… but, the big thing is ‘Community’. The other successful and dedicated chefs you have in the group sharing exactly what is working for them in their businesses, new ideas, creative ways to try different things. This is where the real magic lies. I am so fortunate to be amongst such great company. Yes, they use my tools and my ideas and training, but, collectively we are so much stronger and bigger.

JOIN US! See you In The Group.

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

Bonus Number 5...

Private Chefs Community

If you invest in PrivateChefsIO today you will get access to the Private Chefs Community for the length of time that you are a paid member.

As a member of the community you will get:

  • Access to our private Skool group.

  • Live streams to get feedback and critique on all your marketing efforts.

  • Real time up to the minute training of exactly what is working in the business.

  • Recordings of all livestream trainings in the private members area.

  • Monthly AMA sessions with Alan plus a hot seat to brainstorm business ideas.

  • ... plus exclusive training in the members portal.

No Contracts | Cancel Anytime

Zero Quibble 30 Day Guarantee...

If for whatever reason you are not absolutely blown away by this software service and private community, all you need to do is reach out to me or my support team via the email we send to you with your login details and we will promptly refund you your money.

For a full 30 days from purchase of the software you can use it, use your bonuses, watch all the training videos, get clients with the website and funnels, use the text services, use the messenger services and everything else available, and if within those 30 days you are still not blown away and you want a refund... By all means we will do just that and refund you!

Let's Answer A Few Of Your FAQs!

Do I have to pay for any updates ever?

No, you you never have to ever pay for any updates, and we constantly do update things. We add new templates and tools all the time and because the software is in the cloud your account automatically updates.

Are the websites and funnels secure?

We take online security very seriously. Everything is built into our software solution and there are no plugins that need updating, and so, it goes without say, it is very secure.

Are there any contracts?

Nope, never. Everything is simply month to month and you are free to cancel any time you want.

What happens if I need help, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes... We pride ourselves in our dedicated support. We want you to succeed and build the business of your dreams, so it is our interest to be world class with our support. You will have access to all the help documents and also email

If I cancel the service, what happens to my data?

This is a 'software-as-a-service' and with most SAAS platforms when you cancel your account you will no longer have access to the data, funnels, websites and tools. However, before you cancel you will be able to download your contacts and lists as a CSV file.

Do I have to install anything to make this work?

NO! We built PrivateChefs.IO to be your one stop I.T. shop. It runs everything and it does so very simply and easily. Once you have signed up, you'll get your login credentials emailed to your chosen email address, and you'll be able to start looking around and making a few changes, but your initial sites and funnels will be built and ready to go.

Is there a restriction to the amount of contacts, pages or site visitors

Simply put no. You can have as many client contacts as you want, you can build as many landing pages or funnels as you want and you can have as many visitors to your site as you want.

Who owns all the data and content?

You do. Everything is owned by you. Privatechefs.IO has no ownership or rights over any of your content or contacts. We have simply built the best tool for you to run your Private Chef Business with.

If I am not happy, how do I cancel?

You simply login, go to the settings tab and cancel your account. We will terminate your account at the end of the billing cycle and you will have access to everything until the billing cycle has ended.

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